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Prosé is a sparkling white wine made from Prosecco, Perera e Bianchetta, grapes re-fermented in the bottle following the ancient Venetian wine-making tradition.
The distinctive feature of prosecco made in this manner is the presence of yeast that remains in the bottle; therefore it is necessary to decant the wine before pouring, in order to separate the wine from the fermentation residue.

Serving Temperature 8/10 C°
(Before serving the wine you are recommended to decant.)

Acidity Tot. 4,5 g/l

pH 3,42

Alcohol 11% VOL

Dry sugar residue

Sulphur dioxide Tot 50 mg/l
Grapes used:
90% Prosecco – 5% Perera – 5% Bianchetta


The bottle used for Prosé is the traditional of venetian Prosecco, written serigraphy to maximize the transparency of the glass and facilitate the spill during the separation of the residue of fermentation.

The bottle must be transported and stored in a upright position and to be careful avoiding strong temperature ranges. When the bottle is accidentally reversed or highly agitated, it should be placed vertically for fifteen days.

When it is not possible to guarantee the continuity of temperature in the transport, Prosé is equipped with a plastic cap with a crown firm in order to keep tightly closed environment fermentation even in mild temperature ranges to which it could be exposed.

Usually Prosé is capped with the traditional cork tied to the rope, as was the custom of the ancient Venetians vintners.