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For the best consumption Prosé advices the use of a specific glasses to allow for the optimal contact between the wine and the air. In this way the taste of the yeast fades whilst the more subtle tones of the wine are able to immerge: flavours of bread crusts with hints of fresh fruit and flowers. These glasses allow you to further admire the softness and brightness of Prose.


The coasters consist of a take on antiquity, to emphasise the ancient tradition of wine-making through which we were inspired.


The appropriate Carafe into which Pose should be transferred, is realised in a double glazed form, which can keep the wine at the correct temperature for serving of (8-10° C) for around and hour, enabling you to consume the wine to its best advantage even amidst conversation.

Indication as to the best way to serve

Before pouring Prosé should be transferred slowly into the appropriate carafe, being careful not to upset this process during the final stage in order to keep the fermentation residue inside the bottle, these will be easily visible coming forward from the bottom of the bottle as it is inclined in the decanting process.

The fermentation residue could in turn be poured into a separate glass, this will allow you to further appreciate the extreme brilliance and transparency of the wine, otherwise the residue can be used to great success in the culinary arts, where it succeeds in giving a delicate flavouring to many dishes.

The yeast is in no way harmful and can be drunk and particularly appreciated by those keen on the taste of yeast.