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The challenge

Making a completely natural drink is an immense challenge, that requires the upmost attention in this period of wine making, with this in mind we monitor all the factors including temperature thought transportation as well as during the preservatio.

Prosé pays homage to the passions of the refined drink as well as to nature, where there is a fundamental rule about the high quality of vines from which we take the grapes. The exact location of the vines in Valdobbiadene can be observed on the website by entering the serial number of the bottle you have just drunk.


The fermentation process of PROSE'®, follows the most ancient Veneto wine-making traditions, undisturbed by any chemical, mechanical or thermal processes. It is truly the fact that the wine remains alive that gives reason for such great care to be taken and to not expose the wine to extreme elevations or depressions in temperature during its transportation.

Prosé should be kept in an area at a temperature of around 15°C and at most between 5 and 20°C and must be consumed within two years of production.

In case the bottle of Prose is accidentally upturned or severally agitated, you should leave the bottle in an upright position for fifteen days.

The transportation of PROSE' ® is realised by means of temperature monitoring equipment and documentation of the wine’s temperature throughout the entire journey, from production through to the final destination.